Saturday, May 26

the ever thinning line dividing fine art and design

I went to a very cool art opening here at the college last night. 4 emerging artists were showing the same venue. Laura Teed, Erika Beyea, Nicole Aline Legault and Nick Frenette (sorry no link available). I was already familiar with Nick's imaginative surreal and semi-creepy work thanks to my wife who is herself a professional artist. I was very excited to speak with the artists and was amply inspired by their work and démarche.

Nicole is taking a year off to simply paint. How courageous! When graduating the question asked is often "so, what are you going to do?" for Nicole the answer is simple, "paint." She is journeying deeper into her métier to seek her creative voice. She knows it's okay to be an artist and I say that's fearless.

Coincidentally, my wife just recently experienced what I would call a creative shift. I don't want to give too much away but her upcoming show is sure to make a splash. Her voice is taking shape in a gorgeous and thrilling way. All these artists around me are experiencing such stimulating creative stirrings.

I'm writing about these experiences because they have helped clarify the reason why I was drawn to design. Design is communication. These artists are doing the same thing, expressing and communicating. If artists and designers are to communicate clearly they must have a clear creative voice. And like a singer we need to know the range of our voice if we are to use it to it's fullest potential. This seems to come more naturally to fine artists. Lately I've felt unsatisfied about the creative direction I initially took. I leaped blindly. However, having been inspired by the fine artists I know, I've decided to begin understanding the range of my own creative voice. Just as Nicole, when someone asks me "what are you going to do ?" the answer will be simple, "design."

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