Wednesday, April 9

Dark Roast Logo: Starbucks Redesign

Starbucks is moving forward by looking back it seems. Check out the redesign of the brand giant and the motivations behind it.

I should point out that the "new" logo is actually the original one, re-visited. (see "evolution" link below)

Wall Street Journal: "Grande Logo Switch"

Associated Press: "Thousands of Posts Flood Starbucks Site"

Time: "Starbucks Looks for a Fresh Jolt"

Brand New: Starbucks, Back to the Future

Brand Autopsy: "Evolution of the Starbucks Logo"

Brand New Day: Starbucks "Everyday": Can We Afford That?

I will post updates on this story as it develops. Feel free to share your own links on this subject or voice your opinion on the new look. Also, please take a second to vote in the poll at the top left of the screen.


linkerjpatrick said...

Are they really going to show her nipples? Why is that important? To indicate they have creamer? Do they need to say, "Fresh Roasted"? I saw the same thing at my local Publix grocery store and the sign above the milk said, "Fresh Milk." Should their be any other kind?

I think logos should be on the simple side so no, I don't like the new version for a lot of reasons.

Juggling Jason said...

Thank you for commenting J Patrick. I agree, visually this is too complex. It would appear though that this a temporary switch. Publicity stunt or genuine attempt at communicating a change in philosophy? Time will tell I suppose.

Keith said...

I prefer the old logo myself, it is more recognizable. Not to mention the simplicity of the design allows for better scalability. The new logo is needlessly complex in its detail.

Shayla said...

I don't have training in design, so I'm approaching this as a consumer. I like the new logo because it feels less corporate, more crafted. I'm tired of the perfection presented by the brand bullies. This could dupe me into thinking of Starbucks as more human.

David Wen said...

I first saw it in person on a coffee sleeve on my co-workers desk. It certainly grabs your attention. I think it makes sense for a temporary switch but long-term is a bad idea.

Juggling Jason said...

Thanks Dave! I don't think the change has been implemented in my neck of town. Either it's a gradual execution or a strategy to as you say, grab attention.