Wednesday, May 23

More sketches and more ideas

I've sketched another little batch after having researched some more. Normal Rockwell's homey work and the sometimes ornate decorations of the era sparked some ideas. Maybe use the element of a roof in the design to express comfort and security, however I've misplaced the stray piece of paper I frantically sketch those ideas on. I've also started on an idea of simply encircling the company name with a stylized border. Having spoken with several designer's of many decades experience though, I still feel confident in my initial very minimal designs. A logo has at best a microsecond to catch one's attention. If too busy or crowded you lose the audience. If the graphic is strong they'll stick around for a few seconds at most.

Anyway, here are the sketches. They are still very rudimentary. They will likely be the last I do on paper. The ornate thing is fun and cool but it evokes luxury and wealth. Not what we want. I think that the tree and human figure are the strongest concepts and have the most impact graphically. Now, it's computer time!

Let's go design a logo!

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