Thursday, June 14

"Intime" art opening

Last night was the opening reception of artist Shayla Perreault Newcomb's show of recent works at the Dieppe Arts and Cultural Center. Thanks to exhaustive electronic and snail mail campaigns there was a great showing of an estimated 40+ overall with a peak of approximately 30 at once. Considering many emerging artists get a small showing of a dozen or so this was a huge success! Some city counselors were present along with other local artists and photographers, gallery representatives and fans of art.

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It was a very dynamic evening with a high degree of interaction between the artwork and attendees. Debates as to the significance of individual pieces and the show as a whole were many and undeniably stimulating. Several times huddles formed around specific works and it was quite entertaining to watch the occasional hand jutting out from the mass of humans to point out this aspect or that and again retreat in the jumble of heady discussion.

Comments such as "I think I never truly knew how to appreciate abstract until tonight" and "this show has inspired me to see beyond labels" attest to the power art can have as a tool for personal enrichment and positive change.

Design wise much of the work was focusing on the pre-show aspects, invitations, posters etc. The design had to speak strongly and clearly that this show was one to not miss. At the show itself some subtle design considerations were taken that elevated the show to the next level. A simple presentation of slides allowing us to peer into the artist's creative process underscored the theme "Intime"-french for intimate.

Another problem solved by design was that of the ambiguous location of the art center. According to the City of Dieppe the correct address is 132 Acadia. However, there is no number to be seen anywhere on the building. Adding to the confusion, there was construction on Gauvin road where the parking lot and one of the entrances are located. It's quite a busy street and all this vagueness makes it extremely difficult to find 132 Acadia. Here is the simple solution juggling man offered.

This not only makes it entirely clear where the event is held but serves as a promotion of the artist who is poised to further transform her gorgeous and unique name into a solid and recognizable brand. Thousands drove and walked that street during rush hour and no doubt many noticed this bold mark. Additionally, the lettering is in white, the brick is brown and the grass is green, the trademark color scheme of the show itself. Success!

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