Monday, June 11

Shopping bag design for local health center

Here's a little project I handed in friday. It's a shopping bag for a local health center which includes both a naturopathic doctor (sage) and a health food store (sequoia). I'm including a picture of the miniature mock up and the concept statement below it. Enjoy and as always comments are more than welcome.

click for a larger view

The "two-story" design effectively unifies the Sage and Sequoia brands by mimicking the physical layout of the establishment. Maintaining a symmetry throughout helps the patron understand that the brands are complementary, not conflicting. This same symmetry also serves as a subtle metaphor for the balance that is integral to their overall vision of balance in health, environment and local economy. The lines of text dividing the two marks clearly describe what products and services are offered by each.

Furthermore the fact that the bag is constructed of recycled materials and using this aspect as a promotional device-via the attached tag which states that reuse of the bag will be rewarded with in store credits-makes the bag a tool for creating a meaningful customer experience and inciting loyalty and thus positively affecting the establishment's bottom line, local economy, global environment and the clients' well-being. This is a powerful and important design very much worth the investment.

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