Monday, October 8

NEWS: City of Moncton's Brand to Change

The City of Moncton has hired Hawk communications to redesign their identity. Here is a quote on the subject from Hawk themselves.

In a competitive pitch with five other agencies hawk has been awarded the creative execution for the City of Moncton's new brand. The new brand has been developed through a rigorous process of community and stakeholder consultations, competitive analysis and in response to focus group results obtained throughout eastern Canada. Forerunner Creative and Tourism Strategies led the process of developing the brand position.

"We are very pleased to be working with hawk and their team on developing the creative execution of our new brand," said Paul Thomson, Director of Communications for the City of Moncton. "Their experience and passion for our city was very evident in their presentation and we are very confident they will help us develop a visual image that captures the essence of Moncton."

"We are thrilled to be given this assignment," Bill Whalen, President & CEO of hawk said. "Moncton is our home and to work with the City to develop the new creative execution of the brand is something our whole team is very excited about."

They have already unveiled, to city officials and others, at least a proposal -perhaps a final version depending on how you interpret that Hawk quote- of the new brand. I spoke with an attendee to the aforementioned unveiling but would rather not be responsible for generating unfounded rumors so I will refrain from expounding on what I've heard. I will leak this much, it seems they are going for a radically different and modernized approach then what is currently the identity, ergo this crest.

Needless to say I can not wait for more details on this project and will do my best to keep you posted as I catch whiff of more news.

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Brian Branch said...

Interesting... I knew something was in the works, I was wondering who was working on the project. Thanks for the answer.