Tuesday, December 18

Do you like Coffee? Well then express yourself!

You could win a month's supply of free coffee (if you don't drink that much coffee) simply by posting comments on this blog! I will tell you how you can take advantage of this unbelievable offer shortly but first let me explain how this idea came about.

While looking at the stats for my site I noticed that I'm getting a healthy amount of traffic. However, when comparing that to the amount of commenting, I noticed a disparity. In fact if the figures are accurate, 90% of you, my dear readers, never comment. I can think of a few reasons for this.

1. You don't have anything to say. Maybe you just like to read.

2. You are shy.

3. You are unsure how to post a comment.

4. I haven't made it clear what sorts of comments are accepted.

5. I smell funny.

As for #1 and #2 well that's up to you, but #3 and #4 (and #5) I can do something about. In an effort to encourage more interchange on this site I will make a few things clearer (and take a bath, I promise).

All sorts of non-spam comments are welcome! Though this site is focused primarily on design issues in definitely does not wish to exclude nin-designers in any way. In fact, the only types of comments I delete are those that leave links to some sort of viagra product. You know the kind? You get them in your hotmail account all the time. Other than that you can write a short note about something you liked about a particular article or expound on the matter. Also feel free to highlight an inaccuracy or discuss something you disagree with. You can even post about something that doesn't even relate to the article if you want! Anything goes as long as you don't cuss or anything like that. ;)

Follow these easy steps to comment:

first: At the bottom of an article you will notice something that looks like this.

click images for a larger view

Notice that everything that is highlighted in blue indicates that you can click it. To comment simply click the blue "comment" link - which, incidentally, tells you how many comments have already been posted.

This will take you to a separate window that should look like this.

You might need to allow pop ups from this site for this window to appear. It is completely safe and this site allows no ads to pop up.

Just type in your comment like so,

then scroll down the comment window and type the weird looking security code in the long rectangle below it. As shown in the image below.

It's a safety feature to prevent those viagra people from automatically posting garbage, the code changes everytime.

Then you can click the circle next to "nickname" and put your name as you wish for it to appear, or just choose "anonymous" if you would rather not put your name. Finally click the orange "publish your comment".

This sends me a notification that you have commented. As soon as I see that notification your comment will appear. To view your comment and those of others just click the comment link and your comment along with those of others will appear in the comment window.

No information will be given to third parties and I can not access any private information in any way.
If you have difficulty leaving a comment you can email me at juggling[dot]jason[at]gmail[dot]com (replace the text in brackets with real dots and a real @) and I'll walk you through it or post the comment for you.

The Great Juggling Man Blog Commenting Contest!

How 'bout we make it a contest? The person to leave the most comments on this blog from now until January 18 2008 will win a prize of 10$ worth of Tim Hortons gift certificates (hey, I'm not rich)!*

Pay close attention in the next few weeks. I will do my best to write articles in such a way as to make them comment friendly. But to get you started here are a few ideas for commenting on this article.

- Explain the reasons why you like or dislike commenting on blogs
- Tell us how much you really love Tim Hortons
- State how confident you are in winning this contest
- Make a clever joke about how I smell funny

*You will of course have to put your name in your comments so I can keep track of who posts what and count the comments accurately. In the event of a tie you can split the prize and if you don't like Tim Horton's I'll get you Dunkin' Donuts or, god forbid, Starbucks.

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Shayla said...

Hey Jace,
That was an extra funny entry, so I had to say 'hi.' May I sugest staying out of your wife's "Geranium and Grapefruit" Shampoo? It's not so much that you stink, as that it's an odd man fragrance. May I suggest something along the lines of spices or the ocean? Even 'Fresh Laundry' works nicely.

Juggling Jason said...

That's a great suggestion Shayla! You're in the lead!

stormchaser said...

Coffee, did I read Coffee, (actually I owe you a coffee)
-10$at tim will buy you 7 Small One one,6 large dbl dbl, 5 large Triple Triple
-There is no Dunkin donuts in atlantic Canada, and
-10$ at starbucks might get you a cup of hot water(if you know the cashier)

Juggling Jason said...

Wow 5-7 coffees ABSOLUTELY FREE! ;)

Lisa C said...

Geez.. I didn't even know I could post comments until now!

Get ready for an onslaught of comments by me!

Juggling Jason said...

Onslaught, I love that word!

Tanner Christensen said...

Ugh. I hate the layout of Blogger comments, it's very confusing. That's one reason I don't offer comments over on my blog.

But it's a great idea for a contest nonetheless, best of luck to all readers and commentators!