Friday, February 29

5 dirt cheap things you can do to jolt your creativity

#1: Go for a walk with your camera and sketch pad. Sketching and taking pictures has a tendency to make you look at things from several angles. Plus it's relaxing. Go on! It'll only take a few minutes!

#2: Take a break. Even if you have a tight deadline. Nothing like turning off your computer, cellphone, blackberry for a while and just resting.

#3: Go to an art exhibit. No matter which artist, just go! Take your time and soak in the work. You'll come out of there stimulated and better able to attack your projects.

#4: Engage in an activity that you assume you would not enjoy. Think you would hate ballet? Then go to the ballet! Think scrabble is boring? Round up your scrabble freak friends and get them to teach you scrabble. You may not learn to like to like it but at least you'll have pried open your mind a little!

#5: Turn your TV off for a week. Don't think your up to the challenge? Do it with friends and make it an event! Plan substitute activities like cooking, hiking, playing cards and whatever else comes to mind. The change in routine will have a refreshing effect on the right side of your brain.

Notice that all of these suggestions involve things that take you away from the computer. Nothing is worse for your creativity than long hours in front of a screen.

These are only a few ideas and I'm sure you have plenty more. What things do you do to keep your creative amperage up?

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