Friday, August 8

Cheap Logos On-Line! Get Them Fast!

Ever wonder if those low-priced on-line logo design services are worth it? So did Doug Bartow of id29. Read his consumer report on four of these on-line design firms. The results are enlightening! Click here to read the full article.


Christine said...

Nice find. I always wondered how the work coming from these types of sites measured up. Definitely boosts my confidence as a logo designer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should buy a logo? Or are you still renovating?

Juggling Jason said...

Look for the new one soon.

Anonymous said...

As an employee of Logoworks I feel confident in saying the results aren't typical.

Our designers have been known world-wide as award-winning, professional designers.

It really depends on the direction the customer provides.

*These opinions are NOT representative of Logoworks or any company at all. Just my opinion, nothing more.

Dom said...

Nice. I'm adding this link to my blog.