Sunday, May 20


Well hello there!

I'm starting this ugly blog to fill a need. You see I'm a graphic design student at the McKenzie college of art and design and I'm absolute addicted to feed back! All kinds, I'm not sensitive. I ask tons of people for their thoughts on my work which I find extremely helpful. I have been getting their feedback via email. I figured why not post my stuff on the net and everyone can check it out and post comments and view other people's comments which can spark ideas and we can have a more fluid communication.

In case some of view are just hopping on, I'll do a review of what I've been up to.

I started school in January. One of my first projects was a logo/ business card / letterhead / envelope / fax sheet project. I was to do it for my personal use. I chose to call my hopefully eventual freelance design firm "Juggling Man." I don't have a tag line yet - feel free to post suggestions - but basically the idea is that business people are busy and have many tasks to juggle, so I'm there to help them juggle more successfully.

here is the logo. I designed all the related paraphernalia but I'm too lazy to post those up right now:

Anyway, I'm undecided on wether to go as "creative group" design group" or just simply "designs." I don't what the difference is really so if any of you know tell me.

I then designed a lovely poster. I'm not sure if I'm going to change the colors or not.

After that I did a brochure for the Heron Bay Gallery, which they ended up using.

Another poster for Atlantic Safari.

A poster and an invitation for an excellent and emerging local artist. Check out her blog here.

There were a few quick and dirty things I did or things I did that I never quite finished for whatever reeason. If you really would like to see that stuff let me know and I'll post it.

Latest thing is that I landed a contract with Senior Companion, which brings us to the next post.