Sunday, May 20

Senior Companion project

I'm very excited about this project. It's exactly the reason why I chose to study design. My goal is to outdo myself and make a splash with this logo design.

How does one express care, compassion, trust, reliability,
simplicity in a visually memorable way?

I thought that a tree could evoke those things so I explored in that direction.

(click on the images for a larger view)

Not awful but far from good. I slowed down and went back to the drawing board, to explore other avenues.

At this point I had recently subscribed to HOW magazine's online forum and I posted the above sketches. They helped me understand that I shouldn't run to my computer so quick and that I should do more creative processing. So I did. I went back to the drawing board and questioned everything about my ideas. I made as if I starting all over again. I did a more intense and vehement brain-storm. It was a brain-hurricane! Interesting stuff came up, the idea of a pet as a companion. Then I started sketching.

And that's where I'm at. I've got three concepts, bird, tree, person(s). The bird one I find weak and misleading. The tree, it's a strong concept. Is it clear? Does it have to be? If it evokes the right feelings it could work. There's still some work to be done there. The human form makes the most sense. What do you think? Care to brainstorm with me? You can post a comment by clicking the comment link at the bottom.


Rosalba said...

Hi! nice work, I am really, really happy that you went back to the drawing good to know. Gee the tree, I still like. The last one that is leaning towards the words. I thought you were going to try more contrast in the font?did it not work? the person with the leaf is interesting too.Good luck, what about the client? what does she think?

Juggling Jason said...

Thanks a million times for taking the time to post you input.

I haven't shown any of this to the client for a few reasons:

#1: she's been away

#2: I've no clue how to go about showing this in a way that will inspire confidence. I mean it sort of looks like a mess right now.

I tried making one word bolder than the other but that created a sort of imbalance I didn't feel was effective. If you notice though, in some of the comps both words are bolder which looks nice but I think more work needs to be done still.

I also like the person with the leaf, it's a pretty strong graphic but I don't know how to integrate the type in there. Just plopping it on seems kind of... cheap?

Thats my greatest challenge here how do I make the type part of the logo. Somehow I'm stuck with a graphic and some type but I keep thinking there must be a way to make everything a whole.

What say you?

Leonor from UO said...

I like the last tree one. What is this for exactly?

Juggling Jason said...

Thanks for posting your input! In answer to your query, this is for Senior Companion. A company offering non-medical senior care.

bluewyvern said...

Visually, I like the bird best, though conceptually it makes the least sense. The tree is probably the "safest", since the people can easily create undesired impressions -- either one with the people stacked creates a strong sense of inequality, even the one where they're reaching, which just looks condescending. I like the one with the arc between them, although they're just too far apart and it seems to emphasize the loneliness and emotional distance that separates them. Might work as the logo for a long-distance phone company, but they seem to be together in spirit, not in body -- it definitely doesn't connote closeness. It might be a little stronger if you could have them supporting a rainbow/arc between them instead of the thought dots, but I'm still not sure if that would work.

Oh, and I was confused by the people holding a leaf -- I thought they were swaddling a baby, especially the ones that are leaning over a lot. And think about what that means conceptually -- it's not an image of care/nurturing (which is what you were thinking about with trees) -- it's clutching something that has fallen off and died. Autumn. The end.

I noticed you had two different kinds of trees in your tree versions -- how about combining them? A large, old tree with a sapling in its shade?

Good luck with your project, and the blog. I hope you net lots of that delicious, juicy feedback. :)

Juggling Jason said...

Excellent! How helpful! I agree with everything you said and it's so nice to have my instinct substantiated. It is impossible to create in a vacuum. I will try your double tree idea and post it up along with other sketches.

Thanks again!