Tuesday, June 19

Juggling man gets referred

Juggling man gets mentioned and reffered by McKenzie College. Check it out at www.mckenzie.edu


Graeme said...

Hey there,
im looking at the digital media design course at mckenzie, just wondering if this is the course you are enrolled in? and if so how do you find it? have you completed the course yet?
i thought id get an insiders opinion first.

Juggling Jason said...

Mckenzie college is quite excellent actually. I'm not enrolled in digital media, I'm in Graphic Design. We touch on digital media but don't focus on it. I do know that you will get a new laptop with all the relevant up to date licenced software.

The teaching methodology is very hands-on and workplace oriented. For instance, most fridays are presentation day where you pitch your stuff to the class. This is standard practice in the industry and an great way to hone your skills.

Mckenzie has been a great experience for me so thus far. So much so that I'm currently working on two paying contracts and have had to turn down others due to being too busy, and I'm not halfway through yet!

Stay tuned to the blog - by subscribing if you wish - as I'll soon be posting more specifically about my experience at Mckenzie. Menwhile you can see a little of what I've accomplished since enrolling by navigating to the "design projects" link in the "browse by subject" headline on the left.

If you have any other questions don't be shy. look me up when you visit the facilities.