Monday, July 9

Increase your blogging power

Like myself 2 months ago, many bloggers are not aware of the potential of their blogs. I'm publishing a short list of things that can easily increase your blog's potential. I myself after implementing these methods saw an increase of 500% in visitors (the minority of which are crawlers) and a substantial increase in return visitors. Also the average amount of time each visitor spends at the blog has gone up exponentially. All within 2 months.

#1 On-line networking: Become intertwined with internet to a greater degree. There are easy ways to do this. I have found delicious to be an easy starting point. It's user friendly and useful all together. Technorati is another useful net watch system. On-line forums can be a great resource. Find forums of your interest -I go to HOWdesign- and be active in that community. Occasionally refer to your blog. All this can be part of your overall networking plan. It takes time but once you've established your internet networking routine you can get things done fairly quickly. I can get all my blogging and on-line networking done in about 20 minutes a day.

#2 Content: Once you've increased your blog's visibility, the blog itself decides if those new visitors will find anything of value and return. What makes people return to your blog? Ease of use is one factor. Arrange your elements in a way that the most important things are easy to find. Additionally, try avoiding color schemes that make things difficult to read. Yellow is often a bad choice of color.

Post often and add relevant links and pictures, such as I have done in this post. Nobody likes a boring old page of text. You want your blog to be attractive and exciting! In the same breath posting only pictures doesn't have much value to a reader. Balance things out.

Embedding links in posts along with frequent posting helps google recognize you as an active site . Links will make your blog easier to find from online networks such as technorati and others.

Put some thought into your subject. Do your best to post something that will possibly enlighten the reader, entertain or otherwise be of some value.

That's my 2 cents. As stated previously this is simply a short list of things I have found increases Juggling man's blog visibility and value as a promotional and networking tool. If you want to get deeper and more specific about blogging, the internet has many resources and great articles to read. If you would like to add something or point out an error, please do so by leaving a comment.

More blogging muscle building exercises to come in the future in the meantime,
Happy blogging!


Archetype Design Studio said...

A good read and good points.

It's so sinfully easy to just type away without adding any imagery let alone one's own designs, but I'm starting to expand a bit by introducing some of my work when I post in my blog. A bit more time consuming when it's specifically created for supplementing a topic, but the way I see it, no more different than if I were on an illustration deadline for a client (as an example).

So not only does it become a showcase for your experience and talent, but also your copywriting skills—a very neat viral marketing source.

A good post on the power of blogging.

Shayla said...

Great post juggling man