Sunday, July 8

Art for art's sake

Designer's mostly communicate others' ideas, while artists tend to communicate their own. That's a generalization but it'll work for now. Last week's school project allowed us creative freedom to do art for art's sake. The only criteria was that our result was to have some reference to a calendar. Not a calendar someone would buy to keep track of time but one that would be sold for its expressive qualities.

Since calendars measure time I chose to design a calendar that does not measure time but rather expresses something of its essence. The dimensions are not set in stone but I intend it to be large, a mural if at all possible or narrow and tall. I also want to experiment with different color schemes. It could also easily be wrapped around a cylinder or with some innovation become a sculpture. I hope to turn this into a series with variations on the them and exhibit it at art galleries.

click the images for a larger view

Details. Notice that the particles are actually numbers dates and other elements from a calendar.

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