Wednesday, November 21

Moncton's new logo

Perhaps you've already heard of Moncton's re-design project handled by hawk communications and I had promised to release news of this exciting undertaking as soon as I got it. So today when going to City Hall for unrelated business guess what I found!

Yup! Here it is!

I'm afraid all info I have about the creative brief and objectives are only hearsay so we'll have to wait for that. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, compare with the mark that will gradually be phased out.

Feel free to express your opinons and discuss the change.

City of Moncton website


Brian Branch said...

My guess is that the Coat of Arms will be kept for more selective applications, official documents and such.

Juggling Jason said...

You're absolutely right. I spoke with one of the in-house designers at City Hall and that's exactly the application the coat of arms will now have. Everything will get phased over the course of a few years. Starting with the obvious such as business cards, website etc then moving on to buses and so on.

Tanner Christensen said...

The new logo is definitely better looking than the older, more "medieval" looking logo. It's good to see them finally get with the times.

Jenn Marr said...

I'm intriqued with what the three coloured shapes represent.

Definitely a step in the right direction.

Juggling Jason said...

I do like the triangular composition.

Anonymous said...

I'm not afraid to say that I think the new logo is ugly, forgettable, irrelevant, and poorly executed, design-wise from both a technical and aesthetic perspective. It looks like it had been done by someone's nephew/niece with their brand new graphics program. I adore modern, free-flowing designs, but someone got rooked here. I can't believe Moncton spent taxpayer's money on this (and that someone approved it). I'd be embarassed to be a Monctonian (or is it Monctonite?)!

"Nuff said about the slogan, too! WTF!

Juggling Jason said...

Can't say I agree with you "anonymous". Mostly due to it's application. This gives me an idea for a new article. I'll take pics of the logo in it's natural habitat and post those.